June Update


Wow, we are officially in the second half of the year already!  Remember when you were a kid and growing up seemed to take forever?  As you get older everything seems to speed up.  What’s up with that? Does time really move faster as you get older?  You might be relieved to know that it’s not all in your head and the biggest mystery of the experience of time actually has an explanation.  It’s physics.

June has been a busy month for SeeMe with the follow-up from the Wellington Expo in May (did we mention we won people’s choice award there?).  We’ve also been busy creating amazing creative for our clients and working on new branding and websites.  Social media management is a growing area for us as many organisations need help designing strategy, determining the best platforms for their business and managing content schedules. Talk to us if you’d like advice or assistance in this area.

A great win for the Jets against the Airs last week – we love seeing our boys get a richly deserved victory. As they head into the final couple of games in Palmerston North, we’re looking for a deserving family who’d like to experience the excitement of the game environment – we have a few  passes to give away.

As we head into the first month of winter and we look for ways to maintain our well-being over the colder months, consider the Danish concept of hygge.  At its most basic level, hygge is the enjoyment of putting on big woolly socks, lighting candles, dedicating time to hot drinks and cuddling up by a fire with a book.  Sounds like everything we love about winter!